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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing in a Nutshell

Email Marketing is kinda’ like an Invisible selling machine. If you have a huge list of a niche specific email subscribers, there is no doubt that you can make huge amount of money from that list.

Email list is a kind of Cash Cow for any business that provides them regular income side by side. But what will happen if your email subscribers do not open your emails? or what if your emails reach to the subscriber’s spam folder instead of their inbox.

The situation will be worse….right?

That’s why I am providing you a complete email marketing crash course in this one blog post 😉

This is the Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing.

So, Let’s start with the most important problem that almost every email marketer has faced in his journey. The problem is, Grabbing attention is Hard. It’s too hard to grab someone’s attention in this informational age.

Everyday, thousands of emails hit your subscribers inbox with a hope of grabbing their attention. But nobody checks all those emails…right?

People only clicks on the emails that they found interesting, beneficial for them or because of curiosity. So, if you want to optimise your email campaigns, the first step is to Grab their attention.

However, it’s also important that you avoid these two mistakes while communicating with your email subscribers.

  1. Sending Random Emails: This is one of the biggest mistake that every email marketer do at some point of their email campaign. They do not segment their email subscribers. They just send same emails to their old and new subscribers. As a result, new subscribers do not get engage into those emails.
  2. Not Knowing when & How many emails to send: Every niche is different from another. So, it’s important to know that what is working best for your email subscribers. Let’s say that you are sending informative newsletter emails to your subscribers. The number of emails will be less. And if you are sending transactional emails, the number of emails will be higher. As an email marketer, you need to have a clear idea about what is working best for your audience.

The Five main steps of email marketing

  1. Introduction: Whether you are a famous brand or a small company or start-up, always introduce yourself, your mission, your vision, your products, your services and your principles to your new email subscribers. That’s when your email subscriber will realise that if they’ve chosen the right company or not. And you’ll realise that whether the subscriber your target audience or just a random person who came into your list by mistake.
  2. Engagement:- Divide your email list to different segments (such as new, old, potential buyer etc) based on their interest, action and engagement on your emails. Send personalised email campaign to every segment to increase the engagement with them.
  3. Ascension:- At this point, you can start promoting and selling your products and services to your email subscribers. And Once they buy your first product or services, you can put them into your funnel and increase the LTV(Life time value) of your customers.
  4. Re-Engagement:- Now you need to re-engage with your inactive email subscribers by giving them some free gift, discounted offers and free values. If they aren’t responding, you need to unsubscribe them.
  5. Re-Selling:-  Reselling is a really important part of email marketing. You need to follow up your email subscribers multiple times to convert them into your paying customers.

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How to Write Emails that Sells

No matter how many email subscribers you have, if your emails are not well crafted, your subscribers won’t engage with your emails. As a result, your conversion rate will decrease and you’ll lost potential customers.

You need to focus on these three things to create High converting emails:-

  1. Your Email Open Rate:- To increase your sales and conversion, it’s important that your subscribers open your email. So focus on your email open rate.
  2. Link CTR:- If you are selling something to you email subscribers, it’s important to increase your link click through rate by including right call to action into your emails. If the subscribers aren’t clicking on the link to see the product, there is no way that they are gonna buy it.
  3. Landing/Sales Page:- If you are selling any product, there should be a fast & responsive sales page for your product, where your subscriber can see all the details, features, benefits of your product.

Writing the Perfect Email

1. Email Subject Line:-

There are two main type of email subject line available:-

  1. Blind:-  These type of subject lines are use to increase the curiosity of your email subscribers.
  2. Direct:- These type of subject lines are Simple and give you the glimpse of the email. Example:- Here’s How to increase your email open rate.

Direct subject lines have low CTR but higher conversion rate. Cause the visitors already kno what is inside the email. So there is a higher chance of them getting converted..

2. Email Body

Email Body are also of two types, Blind & Direct.

3. Landing page optimization:

Landing/Sales page optimization is the main element of getting sales. If your landing page failed to Convince your email subscribers, you won’t get any sales.

Your landing page should include:-

  • All the information about your product.
  • Use Scarcity principle (ex:-20% discount only for today)
  • How your product/service are going to benefit them.
  • Include social proof into your sales page.
  • Increase the perceived value of your product/services by providing extra offers (such as 30-Day money back guarantee, 20% discount for the next five people etc)
  • Include all the facts and figures and FAQs of your product.

In short, your sales page should answer all queries of your subscribers and convince them to buy.

Here’s a Perfect Example of a Landing Page: [button link=”” newwindow=”yes”] Ecommerce Training Landing Page[/button]

The key of getting regular sales is, Your email Subject line, email body and your sales page should establish the same purpose. Only then you will be able to get the sales and increase the LTV of your customers.

Bottom Line

The key of doing email marketing successfully is that you need to find out what is working best for your niche. As soon as you find this one piece of secret, you will be able to get the best out of this Cash Cow.

Mohammad Anas is a Professional Growth Hacker who helps start-ups and businesses increase their revenue by applying growth hacks in their business.