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Omnisend Review: Best ecommerce marketing tool

Summary: Omnisend is, overall, the best tool for ecommerce businesses. It’s amazing email automations and workflows are really helpful to save a lot of manpower and making things simple.

Since it’s an easy to use tool, you do not need to hire a person to maintain it. Needless to say, it is also affordable and provides all the required features of an ecommerce marketing tool.

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If you are looking for an email marketing tool, or an all in one marketing tool for your Ecommerce Business, then Omnisend could be the best option for you.

More then 70,000+ ecommerce brands trust omnisend, not just because of the email marketing features, but it has some verity of features available, that can help you grow your ecommerce store.

So let’s deep dive and know more about omnisend.

Omnisend Features

1. Email Templates: Omnisend provides you beautiful and responsive email templates, so that you can focus less on creating email templates and more on building your business.

Omnisend email templates are responsive to mobile phone. They also provide you a drag and drop email builder along with integrated product picker & Dynamic discount codes.

2. Pre-Built Automations: Omnisend provides you No-Code automation feature. Even if you have zero experience with email automation, you can create attractive one for your business.

You can automate your emails, SMS and Push notifications and sell your products while sleeping.

You can also test your automation and it also provides you A/B testing option.

3. SMS Features: Omnisend Provides you SMS feature along with email marketing and automations. Plus, it provides you SMS list building features as well.

If you are running your ecommerce business internationally, then this is a really needed feature for you.

Let’s take an example of India. Ecommerce is booming nowadays in India. But email open rate in India is less then 10% (approx. 8%).

But the SMS open rates are really higher then the email open rate. SMS is more effective way of communication in India as well as other Asian countries.

So this feature is really important for any ecommerce business.

4. Detailed Reporting and Analysis:  Omnisend provides you detailed reporting and analysis of your email campaigns. It will help you understand your user behaviour. 

It provides you a sales dashboard where you can see your email campaigns performance, the live visitors on your store and advance reporting.

You can segment your buyers into different categories and you can improve your email campaigns based on their buying behaviour.

Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend pricing plans are based on the total number of email subscribers you have into your mailing list. Plus, it offers a free plan with limited features, so that you can get used to this tool’s interface and pay only when you are comfortable.

omnisend pricing plans

If you are only looking for email marketing tools, then omnisend is not for you. Because there are more affordable tools available at a very low price and advanced features, that you can use to manage your email list.

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But if you are looking for an email marketing tool for your business, then omnisend is the best option for you.

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