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5 Tips to Improve your Email Deliverability Rate in 2023

Are you a Digital Marketer who is facing issues on your email campaign deliverability rate? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post you will going to get the best tips to improve your email deliverability rate. Let’s start.

When it comes to email marketing, marketers often focus on the open rates, personalization, automation and other factors. But one thing that’s hard to control is, email deliverability. If your message does not delivered to the recipient’s inbox, then it is a failure for your campaign.

You can Use these simple tips and improve your email deliverability rate:-

1. Use Double opt-in while collecting emails

90% of the marketers use a simple landing page for collection emails, which is basically a single opt-in where the user just have to agree to receive emails from the sender. That’s where the problem starts. Sometimes people type wrong email address mistakenly or purposely, whatever the reason is, but you are loosing or getting a wrong email address that sometimes doesn’t even exists.

To solve this issue, use double-opt in sequence so that your email list will be safe and filled with real email IDs. You can just send a confirmation email to check whether the email address is real or not. This step is pretty basic, but really helpful to improve your email deliverability.

2. Choose the right email marketing tool

If you are constantly facing email deliverability issues, then perhaps it’s time for you to change your email marketing tool. Choosing the right email marketing tool is a really important step towards improving your email deliverability rate. Choosing the right sender for your email campaign is as important as collecting legit and real emails.

So, how will you find the right email marketing tool for your campaigns. We’ve made this simple for you. We have created this simple quiz, that will help you to find your desired email marketing tool. By answering few simple questions, you can find the perfect tool for your campaigns.

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3. Use an email verification tool

Email verification tools can affect your email deliverability rate in many ways. Email verification tools or software helps you to check if an email address, or a list of emails is valid and active or not. It will check lots of factors to find the validity of the email address. These tools conduct email pattern analysis and DNS verifications to label recipient addresses as valid, high risk, or spam.

By using these tools, you can easily configure and purge your email list. Then you can send emails to only those people, who are constantly using/checking their emails, which will eventually help you to improve the email deliverability rate.

If you are wondering which email verification tool is best for you, then I suggest you to try Email Yoyo. This is a great tool for email verification and it is one of the market leader in this field. Plus, it has a free plan as well as a pay-as-you-go plan.

4. Keep your email list up-to-date

You should always keep your email list up to date. If a user had not opened your emails in past 90 days, remove them from your email list. If someone had already unsubscribed to your email list, don’t send them emails again. It will negatively impact your email deliverability rate. So make sure to provide them a clear unsubscribe button at the bottom of your every email.

Don’t send email campaigns using any g-mail ID. Always use a professional email to send your email campaigns. It will also affect your email deliverability rate. You can get a professional business email from NameCheap. NameCheap, in reality a domain registration company, but it also provides you business email at a very affordable price.

5. Send Engaging & Personalized email campaigns

Sending engaging and personalized email campaigns is the main factor that can increase your email deliverability rate.  When you send engaging email campaigns, your email open rates and link CTR will always be high because your readers will love reading your content. That’s why it is important to send personalized email campaigns to your subscribers.  Personalized and engaging content help you build a good reputation and your emails will not land in the spam folder.

As a quick tip, make sure that your email is compliant to GDPR and other email marketing laws. You should at least have a basic knowledge about these tools, so that the system will not consider your email spammy.

Final Thought: Check your email Deliverability Rate

Testing and measuring your email deliverability rate will give you ideas and push you to take more actions towards improving your email deliverability rate. A 95% deliverability rate is considered as a good email deliverability rate. You can use tools like MxToolBox  and MailTester to check your email deliverability rate.

Implement all these tips and tricks and you will see the improvement yourself.

Mohammad Anas is a Professional Growth Hacker who helps start-ups and businesses increase their revenue by applying growth hacks in their business.