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Flexifunnels Review: My Honest Opinion

FlexiFunnels is the best option for anyone who wants to build funnels without prior coding knowledge. FlexiFunnels allows you to design funnels without moving between several tools, saving you time. Everything you require to run your online business efficiently will be in one place.

Having everything in one place might help you focus on the essential things, especially if you don’t have the money or resources to hire a large team. 

In that circumstance, these funnel builders are beneficial. You can essentially manage every aspect of your internet business with funnel builders. These funnel builders will give you all you need to get started; the extra tools you’ll likely need are two or three.

When using funnels, you may pre-design the structure of the prospect-to-customer journey. You may create landing pages, webinars, email capture forms, prospect nurturing emails, and many other things in the funnels.

Let’s have a look at the features one by one in detail:

1. FlexiFunnels Drag & Drop Landing page builder

Now, anybody can develop highly effective websites and sales funnels, even if they have no prior technical experience or understanding of coding. 

FlexiFunnels has a landing page builder that just uses drag and drop. It’s highly user-friendly. You may use drag-and-drop functions to create any website or landing page. 

A sales page, a product launch page, an order form, an order confirmation, a one-click upsell, a one-click downsell, an email landing page, a download page, or a thank you page may all be created.

2. Integrated Payment Method Integrations

You need a payment gateway for online sales, which you may acquire from various providers, including Razorpay, Instamojo, PayU, PayUmoney, Paypal, etc.

The integration of many online payment gateways is as simple as possible by FlexiFunnels, so you don’t need to visit the payment gateway dashboard. The payment checkout page may also be tailored to your preferences, and you can track it using pixels or other tracking codes.

3. Create your memberships and courses.

If you design courses, you should use this functionality. You may host your courses just inside FlexiFunnels.

Furthermore, FlexiFunnels’ premium courses are 100 percent secure. The videos cannot be downloaded as a result. Course piracy is prevented by other security measures that are in place as well.

It is a significant matter if you even have a passing idea of how vital course piracy is. It will help you as a course developer save and earn a lot of money. You may also turn on the drip feed option. 

After that, users can start acting by completing one lesson at a time. They won’t be overwhelmed by the information you have given them.

We ensure 24/7 Helpline operations to ensure a seamless transition. Also, we updated our technology and allowed our eager volunteers to answer calls and messages from their homes.

Cons Of Using FlexiFunnels

1. Sustainability

Imagine launching your whole online business with a brand-new funnel builder, only for that builder to be unpopular with clients. Your business could be at risk. 

Another problem with utilizing contemporary funnel builders is this. These things will surely stop being an issue in due course. At the very least, you must start by considering every aspect of the software.

2. FlexiFunnels is the most recent

As we already mentioned, several well-known funnel-building software applications exist, like ClickFunnels, Unbounce, Instapage, etc. A new tool also lacks many features that will be introduced later.

3. Not hosting videos

The FlexiFunnels server does not permit the hosting of videos. With FlexiFunnels, you may make membership spaces and training programs. Your course contents must be uploaded to various video hosting websites like Vimeo, Wisita, AWS, etc.

Differences between FlexiFunnels and ClickFunnels?

Both software packages build funnels. The primary difference is that ClickFunnels is already a well-known piece of software. There are over 100,000 paying customers for ClickFunnels, and the firm is valued at $100 million.

But FlexiFunnels is a recently released product. The disadvantage of ClickFunnels is that novices cannot afford it. FlexiFunnel can provide you with some early bird discounts because it is a new product on the market. 

Some of the items in the FlexiFunnels roadmap have already gone live, while others are still in the development phase.

We think FlexiFunnels will revolutionize the Indian market since it offers payment connectivity for RazorPay & Instamojo, which ClickFunnels does not. If you’re running a business in India, FlexiFunnels is an excellent funnel builder.

You’ll notice that none of the SaaS behemoths, including ClickFunnels and others, have native connectors with RazorPay or Instamojo. They are all global SaaS businesses. You can use “One-click” upsells with FlexiFunnels, much like ClickFunnels.

Should You Try or Buy FlexiFunnels?  

Let us make a recommendation: If your company wants to boost online profitability through higher sales income, you should check out FlexiFunnels. 

This is a common objective shared by all companies. For this reason, FlexiFunnels thoughtfully declares that it is suitable for everyone.

With a funnel maker, every internet business can undoubtedly be automated. After automation, the cloud-based SaaS (online software) functionality of FlexiFunnels is another reason to purchase it. The same allows company owners to comfort work mobility when traveling for business.

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Flexi Funnels Pricing & Plan

It costs You $397)/ year, which means It costs you $33/ Month, and you can save $33K/Year.  However, they recognize that you might be hesitant to use it, especially if this is your first time working with them. FlexiFunnels Provides a 30 Day No Questions Ask money back guarentee to their first time buyers.

If you don’t enjoy FlexiFunnels for whatever reason, they want to alleviate your mind by assuring you that your hard-earned money is secure. Our straightforward belief is that if our product doesn’t meet your demands, we don’t deserve your money, is our straightforward belief.


FlexiFunnels has a strong chance of ranking among the best landing page and sales funnel creators as India’s first accessible sales and marketing funnel builder. Due to partnerships with Indian Payment Gateway integrations, both in India and internationally. Creating the ideal business opportunity for entrepreneurs through a funnel.

The software is inexpensive compared to other options and provides excellent features that let customers simply build sophisticated sales and marketing funnels for their businesses. A multi-useful all-in-one internet business centralized software; it has various characteristics. 

FlexiFunnels ranks as one of the top online sales and marketing funnel builders to buy because of its numerous email connections, sales data dashboard displays, and secure alliances with well-known payment processors (including Razorpay, Paypal, Stripe, and Cashfree). 

Though Personally, I didn’t have the best experience using Flexi Funnels. As we mentioned earlier, it has a lot of functions and requires a decent learning curve of at least one week to comprehend them. Also, I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners as there are many better tools than Flexi Funnels for sustainability, like clickfunnels or  or GetResponse.



Mohammad Anas is a Professional Growth Hacker who helps start-ups and businesses increase their revenue by applying growth hacks in their business.