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How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Tool

Are you looking for the right email marketing tool for your business? Do not worry, we are here to help you with it;)

In this blogpost, we are going to help you find the right email marketing tool for your business. Email marketing is one of the most incredible and the most effective way of digital marketing. But there are tons of tools available in the internet regarding email marketing.

Every tool’s features and pricing plans are different from another based on their effectiveness, deliverability, ease of use and Customer support. And Every business needs are also different based on their products and services.

But there are some features that are really important for every business, No matter if you are an Agency owner, Small enterprise, a startup or any ecommerce brand, You must need these features into your email marketing tool.

1. Integration

Integration is a really important factor for choosing an email marketing tool. The more integration features your email marketing provider have, the better it will be for your business. Integration will help you to connect multiple software with your email marketing tool, so that you can perform the best campaigns for your email subscribers.

Let’s say you are an ecommerce brand. You are releasing a new fashion brand, and you want to promote it to those people, who are already your customers. And you might have collected their email id and name when they purchased something from you. You can integrate their email and name into your current email campaign by the help of the integration feature.

Integration can save your precious time, energy and manpower, which is really important for a company’s growth.

2. Deliverability

This is the most crucial feature of any email marketing tool. Those who don’t know, email deliverability rate is the ability to deliver email into your subscribers inbox. To check the deliverability rate, simply divide the total number of emails delivered into subscriber’s inbox from the total number of emails send by your email marketing tool. 95% is consider as a good deliverability rate for any email marketing tool.


To increase the deliverability rate, your email provider must have these four features available:-

  1. SPAM Protection
  2. Email preview
  3. A/B Testing
  4. Email templates

If your email marketing tool have these features available, then it will provide your a higher deliverability rate.

3. Automation

Automation is a really important feature for any email marketing tool. And I am not talking about a basic automation. Instead, I am talking about advanced and personalized automation, which can actually save your time, energy, money and manpower as well.

If you are an ed-tech startup or an ecommerce brand, Automation is the most important part of your marketing strategy. That’s why it’s important that you select a tool which has detailed automation features available.

4. Analytics & Reporting

Whether you are an ecommerce brand or an ed-tech startup, Detailed analytics can save lots of your time, energy and money that you spend on research and development. It will also show you the right direction in many ways. That’s why you should always choose a tool that will provide you a detailed automation.

But if you have a simple website who is only looking for updating people about your weekly newsletter, you might want to go for a tool which can provide you some basic reporting about your campaigns.

5. Expert Advice

Before you choose your email marketing software, it’s important that you take some expert advise. By taking an expert consultation, you can take better decisions regarding your business. Email Marketing is really important for every business. You should never underestimate it’s power.

If you do not want to invest yourself for expert advice, do not worry. We have already created a system that can help you to find the best email marketing tool regarding your business. We actually created this quiz, so that it can help you to take better decisions.

By taking this simple quiz and answering the small questions, you will find the perfect tool for your business in less then a minute. So take the quiz now and choose the best for yourself.

Mohammad Anas is a Professional Growth Hacker who helps start-ups and businesses increase their revenue by applying growth hacks in their business.