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ConvertKit Review

Summary: ConvertKit is best fit for Bloggers and Content Creators. The delivery rate of this tool is best in the market. It is also great for newbies, but you should have coding knowledge to manage this tool effectively.

If you want to sell digital Downloadable products or Paid Newsletter services, then it is the best tool for you.

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In 2022, email marketing is growing extensively, and with it comes hundreds of email marketing tools. For email marketing tool, it is a service-based software specialized in collecting, customizing, and sending emails to targeted audiences or customers. Email marketing plays a vital role in the growth of a business.

That’s the reason why marketers move for it. Email marketing tools are an important technology that helps businesses scale their email marketing strategies. With hundreds of players in the game, convertkit is one of the leading brands. So, we shall discuss convertkit and its functionalities in this post.

Convertkit Features

Convertkit is an email marketing tool that lets you send marketing campaign emails to a list of audiences that your business holds. Convert kit is comparatively newer in the game, but this doesn’t make it an amateur in the field.

It is one of the fastest-growing email marketing service providers. Its easy-to-use, customizability, and functions make convertkit suitable for beginners and established enterprises to get started with it. Here are the key features of the convertkit-

  • Flexible email templates:- It enables you to create a responsive email template. It is one of the major features of the convert kit. It provides both inbuilt and custom templates, giving you multiple options to choose between the two. Convertkit templates are responsive, giving them a faster loading time on a PC or a mobile device.
  • Personalized email contents:- Convertkit helps you send more personalized content to your audience, which means you can send content according to the audience’s preference, providing them exactly with what they need.
  • Freedom of Automation:- Convertkit gives you the freedom of automation. It automatically helps you send pre-written emails in a well-timed format, making the process smoother. Thus, helping your business be more productive and effective with its marketing strategies.
  • Broadcasting emails:- It helps users send one-time announcements through emails to their audiences at a specific time and date. It is of greater importance if you are to notify your audience regarding an event or product launch.
  • Email editor:- Convertkit has a built-in email editor that allows you to see how the email will look with the applied styling of the template while you’re composing it.

Convertkit Pricing plan

 The pricing of convert kit is something that makes a marketer look for it. While convertkit works on paid plans, it promises a free trial for the first 1000 subscribers with limited features, making it one of the best choices for a beginner to go on with the tool. The free plan includes features like-

  • It provides unlimited forms and landing pages.
  • Send broadcast emails to the subscribers.
  • Sell ebooks and digital products.
  • It provides email support.

Convert kit has paid plans, namely the creator plan and the creator Pro plan, which include many more features and are suitable for small and larger enterprises.

Convertkit creator plan

The pricing depends upon the number of subscribers and the features it provides. The convert kit creator plan starts for $15/month when billed monthly while the same costs $108/per year when billed annually, giving you more affordability.

 Convertkit creator plan includes-

  • Complete forms and landing pages.
  • Send broadcast emails to the subscribers.
  • Sell digital products.
  • Email support and live chat.
  • Automation sequences and funnels.
  • Free migrations.

Convertkit creator pro plan.

The creator pro plan starts at $29/month when billed monthly. It costs $290 when billed annually. The creator pro plan, i.e., the ultimate plan one can find on convert kit, includes robust features such as.

  • Unlimited forms and landing pages
  • Send email broadcast.
  • Sell digital products.
  • Live chat and email support with more priority.
  • Free migrations.
  • Automated sequences and funnels.
  • Facebook Custom audiences.
  • Newsletter referral systems.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Subscriber scoring.

It is no doubt that convert kit provides some of the best features in the market while maintaining its affordability as compared to other email marketing services. Apart from that, convertkit has free courses for its users, which, as a bonus, can be considered a good move by the company, and it would benefit the beginners especially.

Convertkit pros and cons

No one can deny that convertkit is one of the leading email marketing service providers. But, like any other service, it has its benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the pros and cons of convertkit described briefly.


  • The ease of collecting emails.
  • Live chat and email support.
  • The ability to sell digital products.
  • The ability of automation.
  • Best in class user experience.


  • The analytics could be far better.
  • It isn’t a good choice for managing multiple clients.
  • It is comparatively more expensive as compared to some of its competitors.
  • A/B testing is up to a limit.
  • Limited customizability.

Convertkit Alternatives

While convertkit might be a good choice for many marketers, a few of its drawbacks might make it stand behind its competitors. In such a case, if you’re not agreeable with the service for its observable drawbacks, then you may look for an alternative service. Some of the alternatives of convertkit are-

  1. Mailchimp. It provides some extra features as compared to the pricing. Mailchimp’s free plan outstands convertkit’s free plan.
  2. Sendinblue. All in one marketing service provider with integrated tools.
  3. Activecampaign. Its expandability and automation make it stand out from its competitors. It is comparatively more affordable than the convertkit.
  4. MailerLite. Easy to use and beginner-friendly tool.
  5. Moosend. One of the most affordable email marketing tools.

Final verdict

Convertkit is a powerful email marketing tool for individual businesses and larger enterprises. This tool is trusted by many marketers, content creators, and businesses because it provides some industry-leading features.

Though it is newer in the game, it has established strong traction on the market. Convertkit has some noticeable drawbacks, but those are not something that would deceive it from being one of the best choices for email marketing.

It all depends upon your intent of what you’re looking for or which services would help scale up your business. If convertkit provides all the good features for your business’ growth, there is no doubt that this is the tool you might be looking for.

Mohammad Anas is a Professional Growth Hacker who helps start-ups and businesses increase their revenue by applying growth hacks in their business.