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Top 5 Email List Building Tools in 2023

Do you know the most important ingredient to manage and expand your online business? The best way to grow your business is managing and building your email list. If you are doing an online business, no matter how good your product is or how much you spend on marketing, if you do not get your target audience’s database, your business growth rate will be slow.

Because every time you need to find new customers to sell your products. That’s why, building your email list is really important.

In this blogpost, we will going to talk about the top 5 best email list building tools, that can help you get thousands of new email subscribers on the daily basis.

Before we dig deeper into that, here are few tips that you should keep in mind to build your email list:

  1. Give your subscribers something (a lead magnet) in exchange for their email. That way they won’t hesitate to give their personal email to you.
  2. Always try to verify the emails before you add them into your mailing list. You can also use double opt-in to verify the emails.
  3. Choose the right email marketing tool to build your mailing list.
  4. Your email list building process should be really simple, so that people can easily give you their email.

Now let’s have a look at the top 5 best email list building tools.

1. Interact: Email list building through Quizzes

Interact, also known as ‘Try Interact’, is a tool that helps your create attractive and personalized quizzes. Plus, it also helps you to generate leads via quizzes.

Quizzes are one of the most attractive and effective way for email list building, and you can use this tool to do the same. You can engage your audience into different quizzes and then ask for their email address in return for this. Once your audience will engage with your quizzes, they will not hesitate to give you their email address.

You can try interact for free, but if you want to build your email list, then you have to select their premium plan. They also provide you a 14 day trial for new users.


Who is Interact Good for?

  1. Educational institutes
  2. Coaches & Instructors
  3. Ed-tech startups

2. Bloom: Pop-up, Opt-in Form builder

Bloom is a premium email opt-in and lead generation plugin by Divi. You can use bloom to create attractive, eye catchy and engaging opt-in form. You can integrate your email marketing tool with bloom and you can use their form builder to create a call to action. In fact, we are also using Bloom on our site to build the email list.

It is also a Premium plugin. If you want to get bloom plugin, you have to buy the divi theme for that. Divi theme’s pricing plan are high. But the quality you get will also be truly fascinating.

Bloom comes up with 6 different types of opt-in displays –

  • Automatic Opt-in pop up
  • Automatic opt-in fly-ins
  • In-line opt-in forms
  • Below content opt-in forms
  • Widget area opt-in forms
  • Require Opt-in for unlock content

You’ll also get different types of trigger actions along with the opt-in forms. It means that you can use 70+ varieties into your website using bloom plugin. Plus, it provides you 15+ email marketing tool integration as well.

That’s why it is one of the most amazing email list building tool I’ve ever seen.


Who is Bloom Good For?

  1. Bloggers/content writers
  2. Informational sites
  3. Affiliate/Product review sites

3. OptinMonster: email list building tool

OptinMonster is considered as the number one conversion optimized tool by lot of advanced digital marketers. The best thing about optinmonster is that it provides you more than what you actually pay for. It provides you a number of options for lead generation and increasing your conversion rate.

OptinMonster gives you premade landing page and forms templates that you can customise and use on your site. It also provides you various options like A/B testing, and detailed analytics which are really important for any business.

OptinMonster comes up with 8 different types of  opt-in forms:-

  • Lightbox pop-ups
  • Fullscreen welcome Mat
  • Countdown timer form
  • Inline forms
  • Sidebar forms
  • Coupon Wheel
  • side in-scroll box
  • content locker

You can use any form as per your requirements.

Who is OptinMonster Good For?

  1. Freelancers/Agency Owners
  2. SAAS Company
  3. Real estate or simialr business

4. Optimonk: email list building tool

Optimonk is one of the best tool for email list building. Optimonk claims itself the best list building tool for ecommerce sites. If you are running a drop-shipping or ecommerce business, then Optimonk could be the best option for you.

This tool has a user review of  4.9/5 on Shopify which demonstrates how much popular and effective this tool is. Despite having a free plan, optimonk provides you email support and unlimited campaign features which is really apprecialtable.

Optimonk provides you more than 300 premade pop-ups layout that you can customize using drag and drop and use them on your website for email list building, cross-selling or up-selling any product. You can monitor your site visitors’ behaviors and setup different triggers on your site as per your customer behaviour.

You will get 35+ use case in optimonk that are created by experts digital marketers to help you achieve your goal. Plus, it provides you 60+ email marketing, messaging, CMS and marketing automation integration along with zapier and wordpress.

So, it is worthwhile to give it a try.

Who is Optimonk Good For?

  1. Ecommerce site
  2. Shopify store
  3. Dropshipping sites

5. ConvertPro

ConvertPro is another email list building tool, just like optinmonster. It provides you all the features that OptinMonster provide. It makes your lead generation and email list building process well optimized with their responsive drag and drop builder. You can create different prop-ups for desktop and mobile using their drag and drop builder.

Plus, it gives you full freedom of customizing and testing your forms and pop-ups. They provides you 100+ pop-up templates and actionable triggers and integrations to provide a unique user experience to your visitors.

As per your convenience, ConvertPro also gives you a 14-day money back guarentee, so it is worthy to give it a try.


Who is ConvertPro Good For?

  1. Agency owners
  2. Software/App developers
  3. Blogging/Informational sites

These are the best 5 tools for email list building in 2022.

Which email list building tool is best for me?

It totally depends upon your needs. Here’s my honest opinion about this.

  • If you have an ecommerce website, and you want to get more leads, then Optimonk is the best tool for you.
  • If you have a SAAS product or something similar, then you can try OptinMonster or ConvertPro for your site.
  • If you have a simple blog, or a product review/affiliate site, then Bloom is the perfect tool for you.
  • If you are an instructor or a mentor, then TryInteract can help you create amazing quizzes for your students and build your email list as well.

Price factor

  • If price not a factor for you, then I recommend you to go with the lifetime plan of ConvertPro. Make sure to try ConvertPro’s 14-Day trial, and if it is convenient for you then you can buy the lifetime plan.
  • If you are looking for a Pay-as-you-go tool for your business, then OptinMonster is the tool for you.
  • If you want to use a free tool for your site, then OptiMonk is the best tool for you.

Final Thoughts

These are the best tools for email list building in 2022. These tools are paid tools, but they are the best in the industry. If you have any questions regarding these tools, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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