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Affiliate Marketing ( Physical vs Digital Products)

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Do you want to know what’s the difference between Physical and digital affiliate products?

then this blog is specially for you.


Physical Affiliate products: These are the mostly the products that are available in ecommerce websites such as amazon, alibaba and other ecommerce websites.

Digital Affiliate Products: Digital affiliate products are the products such as any computer software, online course, or ebook or any monthly subscription based website products.

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Advantages of Physical affiliate products:

  1. High Demand: Physical products have a very high demands and they have a huge customer base.
  2. Fewer Refunds: Physical products have a very low refund rates as compare to Digital [Products.

Disadvantages of Physical Affiliate Products:-

  1. No reacuuring income:- It is very hard to make a passive income stream using affiliate marketing for Physical affiliate products.
  2. Low Margins:- Physical affiliate products have a very low commision rate as compare to digital affiliate products.

Advantages of Digital Affiliate products:-

  1. High Commission rate:- Digital products have a high commission rate since the cost of creating a digital product is very less as compare to a physical product. Let’s take an example of an eBook. The cost of creating an eBook is a one time expense. and we can get lifetime revenue from that eBook. Because the cost of making a duplicate of that eBook is almost zero. That’s why digital products have a very high commission rate.
  2. Recurring income: Digital affiliate products contains recurring income option as well.

Disadvantages of Digital Affiliate Products:-

1.) Quality issues: Digital products are mostly software, eBooks , Online courses etc. And most of the time the customer have quality issues with these products.

2.) Refunds:- Since digital products have quality issues, they also have higher refund rates as well.

3.) No entry Barrier:- Starting your online business and creating a digital product is very easy nowadays. There is no entry barrier in the digital field. That’s why anyone can enter in this field. So there will be huge competition in this field in the future.


How super affiliates earn from Affiliate Marketing?

Super affiliates are those affiliate marketers that earns approximately $10000 USD through affiliate marketing everyday. Do you want to know the secrets of super affiliates? Do you want to learn how they earn $10000 USD everyday.

Super affiliates strategy in three easy steps:-

  1. List Building:- Super affiliates creates a list of their customers. Most likely, it is email list of their viewers or their followers.
  2. Product selection:- Super affiliates promote digital products that can give them recurring revenue.
  3. Bulk-Promotion:- Super affiliates promotes their product into their community, through email marketing or other possible way.

That’s how a super affiliate earns $10000 USD on the daily basis.


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