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How to find your Niche

“How to find your Niche” This is one of the most famous question for anyone who wants to start their online journey. Finding your niche may sound a little difficult. But believe me, it is much more difficult then it sounds. So, in this blog post, we will try to explain hoe to find your niche.

Well, there is not a measurable way available, through which you can find out your niche. But you have to keep some points in your mind While selecting your niche.

You have to focus on only one niche at a time. That way, you will understand it better. The man who chases two rabbits catches none.

You don’t have to put too much value to your niche. If you are having too much trouble to finding your niche, then start something in which you are passionately curious. Remember that you can change your niche on a later date. Your first niche could not be your last niche. As Steve jobs said:

Don’t stop until you find the purpose of your life.

The grass is greener where you water it. Don’t jump niches too early. It is important to choose a niche and invest enough time on it. Your first niche is not going to be your last niche. Because of the new technologies and developments, new niches are born everyday. Your interest also changes according to time, so that your niche as well. Your niche should always evolving.

You can also mix and match your skills. It is known as skill stacking. By doing that, you can come up with a unique combination of skills. You have to specialize or master only one or two skills and you can delegate all the other things. That way, you will be able to get better outcome for yourself.

Combining multiple and different skills may help you to create something very unique and special PSP ( Problem solving Product) through which you can create monopoly.

Let me give you some examples of this :-

  • Imagine a digital marketer who also have knowledge of coding. What can he do? By combining his knowledge of digital marketing and his coding skills, he can build and develop a t SAAS (Software as a service ) Product for his clients and customers.
  • Imagine of a coding expert who also have massive knowledge of bio technology. What can he do? Well, he can also build a tech solution for farmers and other respective industries.
  • A Lawyer who also have a knowledge of human psychology can win more cases by combining both of his knowledge base and applying them in a right way.
  • Imagine of a language expert who also have coding experience. What can he do? He can develop his own app where he can teach different languages to others.
  • All the above examples are imaginary but it can be implemented in real life. By combining two or more skills you can develop your own unique product which could become a brand in the future.
  • Once you find out your niche, then you have to move towards the next step.

We hope that you liked our blog post.

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