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How to Create a WordPress website in 3 Easy Steps

Do you want to create a WordPress website for yourself? You’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I will tell you step by step How to create a WordPress website or blog from scratch. Keep reading..

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content management system) in the world. Almost 42% websites across the internet are created using WordPress and this number is constantly increasing day by day. Creating a WordPress website is way too easy. You can create a WordPress website even if you have zero experience about coding.

3 things you need to create your WordPress website

There are 5 things that you need to have before you start building your WordPress site

  1. You must have a Computer and a strong Internet connection.
  2. You have to purchase a Domain and Hosting
  3. And You need a step by step video tutorial

I hope you already have a computer and a strong internet connection as well 😉

Domain & Hosting

Next, we need a Domain and Hosting for ourself. Having a domain and hosting is essential for creating a WordPress website.

What is a Domain and Hosting?

Imagine you want to open a toy shop. You first need to find a name of your shop. Next, you also have to find a space where you will store all the toys of your shop.

Building a website is like opening an online shop. You need a name and space for your website. A domain is a name of your website and Hosting is the space you need to store all the data of your website.

You also have to renew your domain on the yearly basis. It will cost around 10 to 15 dollars for one year.

And you also have to renew your hosting as well. Hosting is like a rental space that you acquire for your shop. And you have to pay some rent for that. You can renew your Hosting on Monthly/Yearly basis.

You have to buy the domain and Hosting from a trusted and reliable source. So that your website will remain secure and safe from online hackers and other stuffs as well.

How to get a Domain and Hosting?

Bluehost is one of the most recommended domain and hosting provider. The great thing about Bluehost is, It is officially recommended by WordPress. So, we do not need any other opinion about this.

There are different Hosting types available on Bluehost, such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS Hosting etc, Since you are a beginner, you can start with shared hosting plan and then you can move towards WordPress or VPS Hosting plans once your website get an image in the internet.


BlueHost Shared Hosting Plans

Shared hosting is the easiest, most economical way to get your
website connected to the Internet so you can start building it.

How to Create your WordPress Website?

Well, there are tons of video tutorials are available on YouTube regarding How to create and how to setup your own WordPress website.

Here are few tutorials available, that will help you to setup your entire WordPress website from Scratch.

Hire Me For Building your site

If you are still facing problems regarding creating your website, then you can hire me for that. I will setup your entire website at a very low cost, using premium themes and tools. 

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