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Top 5 White label Software in 2023

White label software are a great way to generate an additional source of income for digital marketing agencies nowadays. In this article, we are going to have a look at the 5 best white label software that you can promote to your client, and make an additional source of income for your agency.

What is white label software?

White label software are the software that you can resell on your brand name. In return, you need to pay a small amount to the software developer to get the reselling licence. Then you can start selling that software on your brand name and keep all the profits.

White labelling is a really common term in offline business and physical products, but you can also use white label in online software.

Benefits of white label software.

Now you may be thinking about is there any benefits of selling white label software….right?

Well, there are many benefits of selling white label software. Here are few of them

1. An Additional source of income

Let’s say you are a freelancer or an agency owner. And you are providing marketing services to your clients. Now you may be setting up some email automation, chatbots, adding social proof etc. For all your services, your clients are paying you good amount of money.

Now let’s say you have got the licence of the email marketing tool, that you’re going to use for your clients. Now, all you need to do is add your brand name on to the software and give it to your clients.

Here, you do not need to put any extra effort, yet you have made a second source of income, which is the email marketing tool subscription. Since your clients are using your email marketing tool, they’ll pay a small subscription fee for the software which will add into your profit.

2. No development cost

If you are doing online business from a long time, you already know how much you need to pay to develop your own software. Getting a licence is not only a cheap alternative, but it also save your 1000s of hours and headache. Not to mention that the maintenance cost will also be low which means you’ll have high profit margins.

3. Risk Free

As we mentioned above, developing a SAAS product from scratch can be a pain in ……, plus it is really risky, cause you’ll need to spend 10s of thousands of dollars yet there is no guarantee to quality and success. Instead you can simply get a license of a high quality software and start making money with it.

Top 5 White label software


  1. ActiveCampaign: Activecampaign is a CRM and an email marketing tool that big companies and advance digital marketers use to track and manage their email list and get detailed reporting about their campaign. ActiveCampaign has a white label program, in which you can promote the software on your name. You can also provide it’s services to your clients as well.

To know more about their white label program, and how you can make the most out of it, you need to book a call with ActiveCampaign team and find out more about it.

2. WotNot: Wotnot is a live chat software, that can be really handy for lead generation and customer acquisition. If you are running a  web design agency, you can promote this software as an upsell to your clients, and it will give you recurring income as long as your clients will use the software.

To know about their white label program, you need to book a call with their team.

3. SocialProofo: Social proofo is another software that is really helpful to increase the conversion rate of your website or store. If you are serving ecommerce clients, you can get the license of this tool. This tool is really handy for ecommerce businesses as it gives various social proof on your product page which leads to more conversion.

You can white label this software on your brand name, and ask a monthly recurring from your clients. Click here to know more about it. Their white label licence cost somewhere around 449 to 499 USD.

4. Simvoly: Simvoly is a complete all in one marketing tool for online businesses. It is basically a sales funnel builder. You can white label it and provide it to your marketing clients. That way, you can make an additional income for your agency.

5. Landingi: Landingi is a landing page builder that you can use to create landing page and sales pages. There white label program is really good for copywriters and performance marketing agencies. You can create your own landing page templates and give it to your clients on your name.

I personally like this program more than any other program.

How to find white label software?

Now you may be wondering about how you can find more white label software programs. All you need to do is, open google and search for “White label software for [Your Niche]“. This is a very simple but effective method to find out white label software for your business.

How to make money with white label software?

The best way to make money with these software is to provide extra value along with these software. For example, let’s say you are creating landing pages or sales funnels for your clients. You can join symvoli or Landingi white label programs.

Now, instead of just reselling the software in your brand name, you can create more unique landing pages and sales page templates on these software. By just adding more templates on your software, you’ll increate it’s value and even sell it at a higher price to your clients.

Remember this, add something extra that will increase the perceived value of your software. It could be a workbook, a video tutorial, an email sequence or some templates. That’s the key to make money with white-label software.

Bottom line

If you are still wondering or have any questions like “will I be able to make money with it?” or “Is this method effective” or anything like that, then you can start with affiliate marketing. I hope you already know about what affiliate marketing is, how does it work etc.

There are many amazing software are out there. If you can’t afford to get their licence, then become an affiliate, and start promoting them to your clients. And if this article gave you enough motivation and clarity, then go ahead and try some white label software for your business and make an additional source of passive income for yourself.

Good luck!


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