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  • No Signup Required
  • free summarizer with a word limit of 1200
  • Integrate with any software/Browser
  • Best for students and content writers

Most of us have come up with the term ‘paraphrasing tools’. It is a tool that lets you rewrite or alter a phrase or paragraph without affecting its meaning. These tools are a real boon for beginner content writers and authors. It helps a lot in improving the writing skills of a novice content writer, adding more value by deducing one’s effort in delivering top-notch content.

While talking about paraphrasing tools, QuillBot is a name that we can’t avoid. The QuillBot tool has, to some extent, revolutionized the content writing and delivery market. Not only paraphrasing, but QuillBot also provides plenty of other services that would readily catch your eye. So, we shall discuss the tools and features of QuillBot.

What is QuillBot?

We are already aware of what the term ‘paraphrasing’ is. So, we have some idea of what QuillBot is. QuillBot is an online writing tool owned by Coursehero. Trusted by more than 50 million people, QuillBot is known for its efficiency of paraphrasing.

It is an AI-enabled tool that uses NLP technologies to enhance writing requirements such as content writing, copywriting, blogging, proofreading, etc. Not only that but also QuillBot has some more things to provide, including a Grammatical error checker, Plagiarism checker, summarizer, translator, etc. Now, let us jump to the features and services that QuillBot provides.

Quillbot Features

As already mentioned, QuillBot is more than a paraphrasing tool. It has a bunch of salient
features that are worth mentioning. Some of which we shall discuss below.

  1. Paraphrasing and Rewriter: QuillBot uses AI-powered Natural Language Processing Technology (NLP) to rewrite phrases, paragraphs, or an article without halting the nature of the topic. It is an excellent tool for novice and regular writers to improve their writing skills. It also helps to change the tune of the content to a great extent. Overall, paraphrasing is what makes QuillBot a popular option among writers.
  2. Grammar Checker: The online grammar checker lets writers remove all the grammatical and punctuation errors in the content and enhance the same without any hassle. It is an excellent tool for reviewing the content, letting the writer’s final edit in no time. The Grammar checker includes AI-enabled grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking, and custom dialects, and it is 100% free.
  3. Plagiarism Checker: QuillBot also comes with a powerful plagiarism checker that helps you analyze the authenticity of the texts. Whether the texts are crafted genuinely or copied from the web, QuillBot’s Plagiarism Checker gives no chance to outshine copied content. Apart from that, QuillBot’s Plagiarism Checker shows real-time plag scores, plagiarised sections, or texts of the content, and it supports more than 100 languages.
  4. AI-Summarizer: QuillBot AI-summarizer is an AI-enhanced service that can effectively contract essays, articles, and documents without affecting the actual meaning of the content. It is an excellent tool for extracting essential points of any content in no time.
  5. Citation Generator: QuillBot comes with an upgraded and reliable Citation Generator that lets you generate APA, MLA, and Chicago-style citations instantly and accurately for any essays, presentations, and other projects.
  6. Translator: QuillBot’s AI-powered translator comes with a capability of more than 30 languages. It is a mobile online translator with integrated writing tools that enable you to edit text, phrases, paragraphs, etc., and cite sources without effort.
  7. Co-Writer: QuillBot’s Co-writer is a sophisticated word processor enhanced with cutting-edge AI technology. It is an all-in-one word processor that helps you construct sentences, paraphrase, summarise, research, cite, and improve your content at a time. Shortly, It is a built-in word processor that enables you to use all of QuillBot’s built-in tools without switching tabs, reducing effort and time.

These are the top-tier features and services that QuillBot comes with. Also, QuillBot does a great job of integrating with other tools and software. It has a Chrome extension, which you can install with ease. It also has a Microsoft Word plugin and supports MacOS.


When it comes to performance/Effectiveness, QuillBot won’t discourage you. As mentioned, QuillBot comes with enhanced and sophisticated AI technology that makes work faster, easier, and more convenient. As for the user interface, QuillBot has no setbacks with it. It has a clean and beginner-friendly user interface, enabling you to do your work more conveniently.

Apart from that, QuillBot also provides some free services, which is an advantage for the users. Whether you are going for paraphrasing, rewriting, editing, etc., QuillBot won’t avert you from enjoying its services.


One of the most crucial factors when choosing a service is its pricing. QuillBot has managed a good stake in terms of its plans and pricing. It comes with both free and paid plans. Here are the subscription plans that QuillBot provides.

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Free plan:

The free plan comes with a limited set of features such as a support of 125 words for paraphrasing, limited use of synonyms slider and standard fluency modes, and one freeze word. With the free plan, the summarizer allows you up to 1200 words. The free subscription plan doesn’t include the plagiarism checker and many other services.

Premium plan:
The premium plan comes with all the features that the service has to provide. It has unlimited support for paraphrasing, a synonym slider, freeze words, tone insights, recommended rewrites, compare modes, and a faster processing speed. With this plan, the summarizer has a word limit of 6000. The plagiarism checker has a support of 20 pages per month. The premium subscription plan includes Monthly,
Semi-yearly, and Yearly plans.

  1. Monthly plan: The monthly starts at 9.95 USD, billed monthly. It is ideal for short-term usage of the services.
  2. Semi-Annual plan: The Semi-Annual plan is billed at 39.95 USD every six months. Thus, it will cost 6.66 USD Per month, adding a significant advantage for long-term users.
  3. Annual plan: The plan comes at 49.95 USD per year, costing you 4.17 USD Per month. This plan is an excellent choice if you go for long-term usage with what the tool has to provide.

Apart from the pricing discussed above, QuillBot also offers a 3-day trial for its premium plan with a 100% money-back guarantee. It also has a ‘pause your subscription’ option that lets you pause your plan without affecting your plan’s validity.

Quillbot pros and cons

Everything goes right with QuillBot, yet it has some minute drawbacks. Here are the pros
and cons of QuillBot.


  • It comes with a bunch of features that a writer might look for.
  • A clean and smooth UI is a great advantage.
  • Flexibility and ease of use.
  • Pricing is fair enough.
  • The free plan requires no signup.
  • It comes with a 100% refund policy and a 3-day free trial.
  • It has a free summarizer with a word limit of 1200.
  • Integration with software and browsers is available.


  • The free plan has excluded a lot of features.
  • It has no ‘AI-content’ detector.
  • No support of Chat-GPT
  • The plagiarism checker and summarizer have limited capabilities, even with the premium plan

Final Verdict

QuillBot exceeds in terms of Quality, accessibility, and affordability. Despite its setbacks, it holds a strong position in the market. QuillBot also lets no chance in its trustablity. It is an authentic brand of Courcehero, which talks about the company’s value.
At last, if you want a convenient platform for all your writing needs, you must look for QuillBot, even for once.

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